How to Use Fall Protection Safety Net
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The fall protection safety net is applicable to the construction of high-rise buildings, shipbuilding and repairing ships, installation of large equipment for oversea loading and unloading, and other high-altitude work places. It is used to prevent people and objects from falling or to avoid falling down injuries. So how to use the fall protection safety net?


The safety net must be hung under the working part of the high place. When the height of the building exceeds 4m, a safety net that gradually rises with the wall must be set, and then a fixed safety net is set every 4m. The safety net should be set up low inside and high outside, and the height difference of the expenditure part is generally about 50cm. The support rod is not broken or bent. The gap between the inner edge of the net and the wall is less than 15cm. For the support used for the safety net erection, the diameter of the small head of the wooden pole shall not be less than 7cm, the diameter of the small head of the bamboo pole shall not be less than 8cm, and the spacing of the poles shall not be greater than 4m.

Besides, the fall protection safety net could be used in stairs, swimming pool and recreaction places.

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