Why to Use Green Net to Cover Bare Ground
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At present, the increasing haze weather is invading the whole country, and the governance of the air environment has become a concern of all parties. One of the reasons for the formation of haze is that the ground is dusty and it will be raised when the wind blows, which will cause an increase in particulate matter in the air, thus contributing to the formation of haze weather. Covering the ground or mounds with green nets will reduce the formation of a large part of dust, which plays a vital role in the control of air pollution.

The raw material of green nets is high-density polyethylene, and it is woven into a mesh shape by a special process. The green nets could be used as coal yard wall or directly on a bare coal pile and mound. The green net achieves the effects of absorbing ultraviolet rays, fire retardant and tensile strength by adding uv, anti-aging agent, flame retardant and cross-linking reinforcing agent. The use of bare soil covered green net is more conducive to urban beautification.

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