The Usage of Building Safety Net
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Safety nets include building safety nets (also known as scaffolding nets, debris nets) and rope safety nets.


Building scaffolding nets are used to surround construction sites to prevent building materials or workers falling from higher places. To avoid possible damage from falling objects. To protect the safety of passing pedestrians and to keep the site clean.


When building multistory buildings such as skyscrapers, temporary vertical safety barriers must be installed at the edges of each floor to prevent tools and building materials (such as poles, bricks, pipes and nails) falling off the floor and endangering personnel. Such safety barriers typically include a toe plate in the form of a plywood strip that is secured to the floor surface of the floor edge. Separate network elements, such as fabric mesh or lattice, are attached to the toe panels of the construction site and to the upright supports such as vertical support beams or pillars of the building superstructure.

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